Monster Castings


I trusted ur company completely I paid u without research and that trust was rewarded thank u so much for this opportunity and showing that I am worth more than a scam... U guys are the best and I would recommend u to anybody

Lacey Martin
Harrison, AR
Monster castings is great source to find work in reality TV, commercials and much more. The best part is I made $3000 last month

This site is great way to get started in modeling. I thought I was too small but Monster Castings assured me I would get work. Thanks for believing in me.

Union City, GA
I received 4 offers in first three days since joining, all I had to do was use the site.

Corpus Christi, TX
Monster Castings got work for me as a plus size model. When everyone said I couldn't pursue my dream they made it happen.

Newark, NJ
The coaching and audition prep work has done wonders for my confidence. I am acing these auditions!

Detroit Lakes. MI
I submitted an application, 24 hours later I was contacted by a producer to book an audition for a reality show I was very shocked at how fast it all happened.

Bay Village, OH
Selected for extra work in my area. You guys rock !!

Portland, OR
The opportunities are endless & the staff is fantastic. I couldn't be happier. MC changed my whole life Thanks to all staff at Monster Castings

Tempe, AZ
I was booked for work over in Europe. It was basically a paid vacation. First time I left my small town.

Stowe, VT
LOVE THIS SITE !!! The exclusive auditions are awesome.

Big Thanks Monster Castings

Denver, CO
Monster Castings landed me a job promoting Beer, Liquor Companies.. I'm making over $1000 a week working part time.

West Mifflin, PA
I never knew there was this many reality TV shows. There are so many auditions in my local area. I had no clue
Thanks Monster Castings !!

Orange NJ
I just wanted to let everyone know that Monster Castings is the real deal, We applied for a show on TLC, and amazingly I got a call just 24 hours later.

Nicole and Rick
Dover, DE
I got a modeling contract, a role on an independent film and now getting interest from ANTM in the first 4 months. Big Thanks to Norm and all Monster Castings staff for making sure I do not miss anything.

Temple, TX
I want to thank Monster Castings for sending me to audition here in New York, I couldn't have done it with out the customer service help at Monster Castings

Buffalo, NY
I did three game show auditions in the 1st month of being managed by Monster Castings. I also met with casting directors for my favorite reality shows. I don't miss any opportunities with Monster Castings in my corner.

Don't forget to take advantage of their customer service. Vanessa was awesome. She knew everything they were going to ask at auditions

Sacramento, CA