6 Most Affluent Reality TV Stars

Hate them or love them, they don’t really care because they are already rolling in money and fame. And astonishingly they were not even Oscar winning actors, or in any of the Grammy nominations and no, winning a Nobel Prize was not their accomplishment either. Their triumph was the reality show in which they starred and gained recognition and everything else came with it. Know what else they gained? A humongous fortune and following.  Monster Castings reviews gives us 6 Most Affluent Reality TV Stars

1.    One Direction:

They won all kinds of awards later but before that, they were just five boys from different parts of UK who came to audition in the X factor. One thing lead to another before they turned into global sensation and became one of the most famous boy bands of the century with a net worth of £14 millions.

2.    Tyra Banks:
Granted that this lady was a supermodel from the ripe age of 18 and those were the years that gave her experience and insight into the modeling world and humongous fame from walking the acclaimed Victoria’s Secret ramp for eight years but her real wealth came through her own reality show America’s Next Top Model. Banks is the host, producer and judge of the show and has the net worth of $90 million.

3.    Ryan Seacrest:
Ryan Seacrest’s claim to fame was hosting the reality show American Idol and today he is one of the most famed personalities, with his own production house, a rock solid career in hosting radio and TC shows and even has his own foundation to help the ones in need. His net worth today is of $15 million.

4.   Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame was through her show with her sister Kourtney and eventually the whole family. The spinoffs of the entire franchise were received positively by the masses and eventually Kim Kardashian not only became a reality TV star but a major trendsetter who introduced an entirely new age of makeup and clothes in the 21st century. Today, Kim has a net worth of $150 million.

5.   Simon Cowell:

Most of us know Simon Cowell because of his strict demeanor and rude remarks as a judge of various music and vocal TV competitions. People might curse and swear at him but that still won’t change the fact that this guy knows how to catch a good artist when he hears one or the fact that he owns $550 million.

6.   Howard Stern:
With a net worth of $600 million, Howard Stern is a man of many talents. However his claim to fame was his radio show that rapidly gained popularity. He has been radio jockeying since the early age of five, even his books sold millions of copies.
Earning money is not easy even if it seems like these people made it with no trouble. The fact is, these people know how to cash themselves and they spent their entire life building themselves up.

Zoey Butcher