How Instagram Has Changed Modeling Forever

Reaching intergalactic fame and making big name in the old days was something far out of reach. But as Monster Castings Reviews today, the folks have it easy. Before the social media had invaded the earth and raided our lives, opportunities rarely knocked and their doors were the hardest to build. But today, opportunities are standing there, waiting for us to finally let it in.

This said opportunity is more popularly known by its nickname, Instagram. And it has altered the modeling world greatly. Here’s how:

1.    Easier Discovery:
Giving auditions, running after the modeling agencies, taking cheap jobs and creating portfolios was all that it took for a model to finally catch a brand’s eyes, and maybe, not even then. Today, the Instagram serves as a pool for the brands to search for the perfect face for their campaign, and being discovered is as easy as striking your best pose, snapping the picture with your iPhone and uploading it. Add a witty caption to show how confident you are.

2.    Promoting Careers:
So finally you happen to get your big break, now you are walking the ramps for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Fendy and whatnot, but something is still missing. No doubt you are getting calls upon calls for the fashion weeks but you are still no Kate Moss.  You are in search for that breakthrough fame like Cindy Crawford’s. You know what you do? You win hearts of people at home, and the way to their hearts is through your Instagram page. You think Kendall Jenner would be this far in her career had it not been for her huge following and liked pictures? Or would Gigi Hadid? Maybe yes, but probably by the next 10 years.

3.    Making Better Connections:
No need to be dazed and gasp from this revelation. In entertainment industry, your work makes half your career and your connections make the remaining half.  That being said, this by no way means that you are any less talented or you are using someone else to ace your career (they are probably doing the same with you).
Today, connections can get you places and what better way to showcase it than with some selfies on Instagram? Unless you watch fashion shows like a hawk, most of us began noticing Gigi Hadid after she appeared in many of Taylor Swifts’ Instagram posts. How do you think Sarah Snyder became such a sensation overnight? She is still introduced as Jaden Smith’s ex-girlfriend.

4.    Establishing Racial Diversity:

Before Instagram, most models were white, tall and super thin. Instagram helped in breaking stereotypes and gave everyone a chance to show how beautiful a plus-size model can look, how girls with black and bronze skin are equally attractive, and how every color looks good in branded clothes. Most of the small time fashionistas took to Instagram to show their everyday outfit and their fashion shenanigans. Over time top brands begin to approach them so that they can cater to a larger and more diverse audience. Instagram practically changed the fashion industry for good.
While you are trying to nail auditions and catch a modeling gig, make sure you are also keeping your Instagram page updated on your monster castings portfolio

Zoey Butcher