What’s Not So Real about Reality Shows?

We couldn’t help but wonder if Kourtney really went to jail?  Whether that model really had a nervous breakdown or was it just made-up or do the two stars really hate each other that much?
Let’s see what is real and what is fake in the reality shows all of us binge-watch:

They are Unscripted, Not Unwritten:
According to the member of Writers Guild of America, Ryan Stradal, "Unscripted does not mean unwritten. Unscripted storytelling is often about working backwards ... crafting an inevitable occurrence into an emotional, humorous, or provocative journey"
A series of footage are taken and then the most interesting vents and drama dripping footage are gathered and arranged in a way that it all becomes very entertaining.

Things are ruined, on Purpose:

Some of us are blessed with 364, very monotonous and lackluster days of our lives, doesn’t it make you wonder how these reality TV shows happens to come up with a juicy episode every week? How is that even possible? How come every day is eventful for these reality stars and completely dull for us?
That is because of set pieces. Set pieces are all those actions taken to add fuel and spice into the lives of the reality stars. It’s not really difficult to get two people fighting; you just need to make sure that situations make them confront each other; something that does not happen in real life because fate is not that petty.

Characters Overreact and Overdo things on Purpose:
In real life, when we have a fight with someone or when we don’t like someone, we try to stay as far away from them as possible but reality stars lives for these moments. Spencer Pratt even admitted it himself. He starred in the MTV’s “The Hill” and revealed that he used to fake his fights with his costars Heidi Montag in the quest for more screen time.

Pre-decided, Pre-planned and tons of extra:

The man who just happened to appear from nowhere and say something that caused a big drama might very well be an actor and so can a lot of other extras. In reality shows like Judge Judy, it was found out that cases were already decided before the show even starts running.
It’s true that these cases are very real, and they are pulled out from the real court but that’s where the reality ends because other than that everything else is planted and planned. The audiences were paid actors, the judge used to wear casual clothes beneath her robes and the ones fighting for the case would be given a three day vacation in LA, and the losing party might not even need to pay as the show does it on their behalf anyway. In addition to this there were tons of other confessions made regarding the show as well.

So the bottom-line as per monster castings reviews, reality shows are real except it is completely out of order because of too many edits and everything is done in order to spice things up.
Zoey Butcher